Bohemian Debut

In its original incarnation I launched The 21st Century Bohemian column in April 2007 in the print edition of the Inner Tapestry holistic journal, where it ran for a full six years. It featured my interviews with writers and other creative types as well as pieces on my own take on creative process, along with columns about my personal journey. Then I took a break to focus on other work. This summer my column will return to the new generation of Inner Tapestry, led by Deb Snyder. I am grateful to both her and to Joan Emmons for the first six years.

But first, The Bohemian will fly on this blog, bringing you my new columns along with those from the archives. This will also be a place to read about the things I am most passionate about and yearn to share with you – story, journey, myth and the wonder of creative process. Thanks so much for reading!


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