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Introducing Creative Daybook A brand new, one day 5-hour class designed to immerse your artistic self (visual artists, writers, musicians, photographers, dancers, etc.) in launching a regular practice that will provide a wellspring of material toward your creative output. Beyond journal, beyond notebook – this class will demonstrate how to build a reservoir that reflects who you are as an artist and how you create. This interactive workshop is tooled to provide clarity about your artistry and to increase your productivity – while having fun!

Fee is $100. Please bring a notebook and writing instrument.Light fare and beverage provided.

To Register please email: TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com  All classes meet in the Camden/Rockport area of Midcoast Maine. As a Summer Special,  I am offering Creative Writing and Memoir/Personal Essay in 4 Sessions, over the course of 2 weeks, for $125.

Memoir & Personal Essay In this course we will focus on distilling life moments and experiences that may be fit for the page. Whether you desire to capture key events for family members, or write for public consumption in book or essay form, this  class will help you take the initial steps in realizing your vision.

Personal essays offer a writer space to create a  narrative story from their experiences, writing episodes from their life that have brought them in touch with humanity and their own sense of self. Exploring these happenings on paper, the writer can bear witness to their own evolution and transformation, providing an example to others at the same time.

Creative Writing  Combining original prompts and proven exercises, we will explore the basics of this craft. Elements covered include character development, writing natural dialogue, conveying your writing style, experimenting with setting and place, how to plot development in a story and choosing a point of view to tell the story. You will also learn how to hone your senses to add depth and lushness to your writing.

Teresa Piccari is the proprietor of The Village Scribe, which offers copywriting and editing services. She is a professional writer with experience in media, advertising and corporate settings. She has been teaching writing for nearly 20 years. Story and Quest form the core of her instruction. She also provides individual Creativity Coaching for writers and artists.  Teresa is a longtime columnist who enjoys writing about creative process.