Creative Daybook


One Day, 5 hours

Shift your creative work into the present tense!

After nearly 20 years of experience in working with writers and other artists, as well as my own creative journey, I have just created a new workshop that models how to integrate awareness, and the crucial element of the present moment, to serve your creative work.

Beyond journal, beyond notebook, this class will demonstrate how to build a reservoir that reflects who you are as an artist and how you create. An interactive workshop that is tooled to provide clarity about your artistry, and to increase your productivity.

This 1-day class will immerse writers and artists into the actual hands-on reality of how you do what you do, what works and what doesn’t. By aligning with your own unique Creative Process, you will begin to build a Creative Daybook that will provide a wellspring of useful records, experiences, creative sparks, creative breakdowns and breakthroughs, fine-tuning of projects and finished results, that will bring you face-to-face with your creative self, and set you in forward momentum.

Open to all creatives, including writers, visual artists, dancers, designers and photographers.

Bring a fresh notebook, journal, binder, and whatever materials and portable tools that help you to do your craft. Cameras, laptops and tablets all welcome.

Light fare and beverages will be provided.

To Register: Email