Fall 2016 Workshops


I am offering 4 workshops this autumn:

Creative Daybook

My newest offering, created in 2016 to shift your creative work into the present tense!

After nearly 20 years of experience in working with writers and other artists, as well as my own creative journey, I have created a new workshop that models how to integrate awareness, and the crucial element of the present moment, to serve your creative work.

Beyond journal, beyond notebook, this class will demonstrate how to build a reservoir that reflects who you are as an artist and how you create. An interactive workshop that is tooled to provide clarity about your artistry, and to increase your productivity.

This 1-day class will immerse writers and artists into the actual hands-on reality of how you do what you do, what works and what doesn’t. By aligning with your own unique Creative Process, you will begin to build a Creative Daybook that will provide a wellspring of useful records, experiences, creative sparks, creative breakdowns and breakthroughs, fine-tuning of projects and finished results, that will bring you face-to-face with your creative self, and set you in forward momentum.

The whispering muses of Martha Graham, modern dance pioneer, and Edward Weston, photographer, are late and incredible artists to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for providing vintage inspiration for the development of Creative Daybook.

This introductory session is offered to writers and artists of all types and levels – although those who have a project track record will find it more beneficial. Please call the library at 236-3642 to sign up as space is limited. This is an interactive workshop and participants are asked to bring either a binder, simple notebook or paper for recording. Attendees are also encouraged to bring along any tools (such as tabs, flags, sticky notes, highlighters) they find useful.

Fee $80   One day -5 hours

Please bring a notebook and writing instrument. Light fare and beverage provided.

Creative Writing Toolbox

A five-week workshop where we get back to the basic tools of fiction writing. This workshop is meant for anyone new to the craft, looking to develop tools they will need for the writing journey, as well as experienced writers who need a refresher class and a new perspective.

  • Together, we will explore sensory writing, to add depth and lushness to your work.
  • Learn how to plot a story that keeps readers turning the page to see what happens next.
  • Create characters who are appealing and capable of evoking empathy.
  • Write dialogue that is natural and moves your story forward in a purposeful manner.
  • Play with different settings, or time and place, to discover what will best serve your work.
  • Explore different styles, or elements and techniques, used in storytelling.
  • Consider what point of view, or how your story is relayed to the reader, would be most effective for your particular work.

Each week will feature lecture, custom writing prompts and exercises, work sharing and assignments in a dynamic and inspiring 2-hour session.

Fee $125  5 classes

Story & Quest

This class features the elements of the Hero’s Journey as extrapolated and envisioned by mythic scholar Joseph Campbell.  This course is designed to inspire movie buffs, writers, photographers and other artists whose work will benefit from an understanding of the elements of the heroic quest, and anyone interested in the underlying structure of story.

You will be immersed into the heroic quest through modern stories, as well as myths and fairy tales from other times and cultures. The stages of journey will be highlighted and you will be introduced to the archetypes, or characters, that heroes encounter as they make their way through a story.

Fee $150  6 classes

Creative Process

A 6-week course designed to help you uncover and embrace your particular artistic style so that you can be more creatively productive and find more enjoyment in the process. The foundation for this work is steeped in coaching, as opposed to critique.

This class is for all artists – writers, dancers, photographers, painters – storytellers across the board.

  • Create an Artistic Vision of the artist you see yourself being and the work you want to do.
  • Set Creative Goals that inspire and motivate you and produce measurable results.
  • Learn how to set up a physical space, where your creative work happens.
  • Develop practices that will serve your artistry.
  • Be supported in creative community and learn the finer points of artistic camaraderie.
  • Explore hands-on tools that will help you get your creative work done.
  • Give yourself permission to navigate the world as an artist and nurture your interior landscape.

Each week will include lecture topics tailored to the needs of the class members and the work they are producing, work-sharing by each participant, original creative exercises and informal group discussion of the creative and life issues that come up for participants and impact their work.

Fee $170  6 classes

All workshops are offered on a rotating basis. Once I have a core group of 4 to 5 interested clients, I develop a schedule that works for all and we begin! All classes meet in a private setting in Camden, Maine.

To Register please email: TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com

Teresa Piccari is the proprietor of The Village Scribe, which offers copywriting and editing services. She is a professional writer with experience in media, advertising and corporate settings. She has been teaching writing for nearly 20 years. Story and Quest form the core of her instruction. She also provides individual Creativity Coaching for writers and artists.  Teresa is a longtime columnist who enjoys writing about creative process.