Got Ritual?

Hailing a cab is how choreographer Twyla Tharp begins her day. Once that is accomplished, she is on her way to the gym to put her body through its paces, as dancers must. The late writer Maya Angelou would check into a local motel to write all day before returning to her home to make dinner and later, review and edit her work. Stephen King shows up between 8 and 8:30 every morning to begin writing his daily quota of 2K words.

I see ritual as a statement of intention. It cues the universe that you are ready to begin, like a director getting an orchestra’s attention with a baton. The action shows you are committed on some level, that you are stepping up to the plate.

It is an invitation to your muse, higher Self, spirit, nature, God (or whatever works for you) to show up, engage and guide you in creating something: a story, a sketch, a photograph, a song, a dance, a painting, a sermon, a quilt, a piece of exquisite jewelry.

You are creating space for something new that did not exist before.The most amazing thing is you do not necessarily need to know “how” you are going to accomplish a task. Help is already on its way!  

Once you take that step, there is a release. Apprehension, expectation, fear, cynicism and other obstacles begin to melt away.

Whatever gets you to the page, the camera, the potter’s wheel, the studio, the canvas – make it happen for yourself with just one small action. The all important first step.

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