The Visit

Last October I participated in a Poetry of Place workshop offered by Boston (via Atlantic City, not far from my Philly home) Poet Barbara Helfgott Hyett at the stunning 26 Split Rock Cove in South Thomaston, Maine. What a treat to be visited by this amazing creature as we made poems Saturday afternoon. Thanks Sandy Weisman for bringing us all together. How blessed were we?

coywolf1    coywolf2

The Visit

I observed them
arriving in their city cars
toting bags of notebooks

On day two
the poets gathered
at the teak table
sharing words

What can I say?
I was bored
the coy beast in me
wanted some attention

I padded on all fours
near to the house
gave my lush, bushy tail
a teasing flick
and trotted away

I knew the woman
with a nice mane of her own
curls of auburn
glimpsed me

I heard them push back
from the table
rushing on their slow two legs
to the windows

Pausing briefly
for dramatic tension
I appeared from the brush

Shock and awe

Human brains scrambled
to name

a female voice
cried out

I posed atop a rock rise
Allowing them a good look
Opened my impressive jaws
biting a whiff of human
in the air

They returned to their work
“What did I see
I had not seen before?”
My image striking deep
in their core

My medicine
an elixir
they will take back to the city
working them as they sleep

Sideways glances
during busy days
tufts of fur
an eyelash away

–  Teresa Piccari
October 23, 2016

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