Engaging the Goddess: A 2-day interactive and experiential workshop for women


Create  Write   Dance   Embrace   Transform

Each of us is being asked to bring our best Selves to bear on a culture that is clamoring for balance by integrating the Feminine Divine energies. This 2-day workshop for women will support you in reclaiming, nurturing, and celebrating energies that will help you thrive in this transformational era.

Come spend two days on the beautiful coast of Midcoast Maine in creativity and fun! Led by Teresa Piccari (writer, holistic teacher, creativity coach), Carrie Connors Hedstrom (fiber artist, poet, dancer) and Amanda Roberson Austin (architect and crafter).

Learn about various goddesses and their energies and qualities through story. You will be supported in identifying your unique feminine divine characteristics as we share our  stories, experience guided visualization, create art, write, reflect, converse, and dance.

We will explore works by Marion Woodman, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jean Houston and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, among others.

We will honor the feminine divine with a group altar. This workshop is designed to connect you to your unique inner goddess, to reclaim and to celebrate the essence of that energy. Beautiful fire and sea rituals will help you to release qualities that no longer serve you, and to embrace the energies you desire, so you may transform and come into alignment with your soul, and thrive!

Saturday, September 16th & Sunday, September 17th from 10 am to 3 pm 

26 Split Rock Cove artist retreat center in South Thomaston, Maine.

Limited to 12 participants     Cost $140

RSVP: TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com









2 thoughts on “Engaging the Goddess: A 2-day interactive and experiential workshop for women

  1. Teresa, you are coming up with interesting venues of self expression. I think you did something like this before and this looks appealing. I will be away for over 3 weeks in Switzerland during this time. Wishing you success. Roe

    ONWARD Cardiovascular Health, Wellness and Dementia Care Roe Chiacchio RN, CPT, CDP 207 249-8166

    A gift resides in every moment.


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    1. Hi Roe! Thanks for your encouragement, as always. Wow – sounds like a great trip. Wish you could participate – you would be a great asset in this workshop. Feel free to pass it on. Just 1.5 months away. Beauty & Light, Teresa.


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