Goddess Energy in Eclipse Season

Yemanya.jpg(Source: Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, Hay House Publishing)

There is a lot of media buzz about the coming August eclipses. On August 7th, at just after 2 pm EDT there will be a full moon, with a partial lunar eclipse, followed 2 weeks later on August 21st at just after 4 pm EDT by a new moon and total solar eclipse.

These happenings will open a portal for big opportunities and consciousness shifts. It is a good time to set your intentions on positive changes you want to manifest in your life during this time period.

One example of how you can harness natural goddess energy to help navigate this month’s eclipses is to draw on the qualities of Yemanya, an African and Brazilian sea goddess. She is known as a granter of wishes, urging you to take advantage of the opportunties that are coming to you, by walking through the doors that are opening. On the beaches of Rio de Janiero on New Year’s Eve, Brazilians celebrate the coming year by gifting Yemanya with white flowers and sending their wishes into the sea on tiny paper boats.

It is through ritual the universe is cued that we are asking for assistance. Traditionally, new moons are a time of new beginnings  and full moons, a time of culmination. Honoring nature’s cycles and the ongoing tidal dance of the sea and moon places us in alignment with, and honors, the natural world. You may want to choose a day during eclipse season to head to the sea with a flower gift for Yemanya and a heartfelt request. Stay in the light and keep a high vibration and positive attitude as you make the most of the bounty eclipses can deliver.