Oneness of Humanity


Thanks to anyone who tuned into my show on the Hero’s Journey earlier! Didn’t have time to play this Grateful Dead song but wanted to share it with you. Ripple by The Grateful Dead.

The band was influenced by Joseph Campbell’s work and invited him to a concert in the mid-80s. Here is what Joseph Campbell said about that experience:

“I got something there that made me note that this is magic. And it’s magic for the future. They hit a level of humanity that makes everybody at one with each other. It doesn’t matter about this race thing, this age thing, I mean, everything else dropped out.”

(from The Hero’s Journey, published in 2003 by New World Library)

“The wonderful thing was, compared to the Hitler rallies that you see in the film (The Hero’s Journey) that were used to a political purpose, here it was just the experience of the identity of everybody with everybody else. I was carried away in a rapture. And so I am a Deadhead now.”

Perhaps that “future” is now, and that sense of the magical oneness of humanity is the elixir so desperately needed in America right now. May that sense of unity ripple through our culture.

Perhaps this is how we carry the myth forward, to make it our reality, and heal.