Release Fear & Accept Abundance

LakshmiGoddessCar(Source: Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, Hay House Publishing)

The benevolent Hindu goddess Lakshmi is all about releasing any fears and accepting the abundance that is flowing to us. In this image, she is surrounded by water, elephants, the sun and lotus flowers – all powerful symbols of the goodness the universe wants to shower on us.

The coming total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st coupled with a new moon, are bringing intense energies, meant to help us purge darkness and break through to the light. She invites us to cleanse our hearts of fears around lack and to envision the abundance we want to invite into our lives during this powerful day. We can draw on her energy to help support us as we step into a brighter future.

As the sun and the moon engage in an unusual dance in the sky today, the energies require a balancing of the masculine and feminine within us humans so we can open our hearts and express our creative natures to take advantage of the Leo aspects of this eclipse.

Lakshmi works with Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god who is known to remove obstacles from our path, working with our own intentions and wishes. The raised trunks of the elephants are a sign of good luck, fortune and optimism.

Spend some time leading up to Monday’s new moon and eclipse in meditation, chant, prayer and visualizing the goodness you are ready to embrace in your life as you release any fears around lack. See obstacles melting away and visualize the goodness you want to manifest, as your heart expands. Begin a new chapter in your own life, and with all humanity as we shift into a more positive way of being and living.