Creative Snapshot

Image: Teresa Piccari

Around 1995, I decided it was time for a life re-set, to forge a different path and shift my energies from a left-brain focus, to more right-brain activities and work. In other words – I gave myself permission to be an artist.

It was a slow process, as I eased out of traditional writing jobs and into more creative work, and being a writing teacher.  I am a natural teacher, which was obvious from the outset. My transition has also included much study and exploration in the spiritual and healing arts. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Giver. I have practiced several yoga traditions and studied Shamanism. All of these practices have informed, and continue to inform, my life journey and my creative work.

For nearly seven years, I was a member of a Philadelphia chapter of the Artist Conference Network. It was here I found my creative tribe and honed my understanding of artistic camaraderie. This community is also where I learned many of the skills, including coaching and a model for creative feedback, that still serve as the core foundation to how I teach and coach other artists.

For over ten years, I have written a creativity column entitled The 21st Century Bohemian for Inner Tapestry.  I have interviewed and done columns on people including the late Dr. Maya Angelou, The Artist’s Way author Julia Cameron, Cultural Anthropologist Angeles Arrien and Author/Publisher Shakti Gawain. This column is also informed by my own life journey.

In the fall of 2016, I was thrilled to study Poetry of Place with Barbara Helfgott Hyett. Poetry is an early love of mine but often gets pushed aside as I focus on being a working writer. I emerged from that workshop with two pieces that are ready to be sent out for publication, according to Hyett.

I approach my writing from a place of Story and Journey, often using an archetypal approach. I am particularly interested in the rise of the Feminine Divine and learning how we can embrace this wisdom to attain enhanced balance in our modern culture. Major influences have been Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Marion Woodman, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jean Houston, Christopher Vogler and Allan G. Hunter.

Exploring the interplay of light and dark, unconscious and conscious, ego and soul is at the heart of my work. I believe art is an elixir, for both the creator and the recipient, that helps us to heal and transform as we become whole.

In June 2016, I launched a radio show, also called 21st Century Bohemian, where I explore and celebrate creative process with my artist, musician and writer guests. It is one of many ways I have lifted my own creative work “off the page” to engage community.

In addition to having local guests in the studio, I will be interviewing artists from the larger world. Podcasts of the shows will help me to reach a wider audience base and align me with technology that can deliver my creative endeavors to more people.

My photographs have been shown at The Learning Studio in Malvern, PA, at Borders Books in Bryn Mawr, PA, and at the former La Colombe (now Volo) in Philadelphia.

We live in transformational times. My desire is to help people engage the creative arts on that journey.