Palette of Offerings



Small gatherings of 5 to 10 people. Creative Writing, Memoir & Personal Essay, If Not Now, When?, Creative Process, Creative Daybook, Heroic Quest, Illustrated Journal, Engaging the Goddess, Book & Project Workshop. Also Study Groups.

Flat rate – varies by workshop and length

Coaching and Mentoring

One on one sessions with writers and other creatives to set and attain creative goals, provide artistic support, and bring the artist into understanding and alignment with their unique creative process to increase productivity and fulfillment.

In other words, if you are ready to write your story/book, I will help keep you motivated and productive

. Together, we will set page output, overall structure, chapters, main plot points, etc., to keep you in forward momentum toward the realization of your writing goals.

Hourly rate or package discount


Do you have an established brand identity and company story? Does your website need freshening? How about some copy that draws new clients? Something as simple as a tag line, brochure copy or longer pieces like articles and speeches. I can update the messages you send out into the world, to help get you, your work or business noticed, and to attract more responses.

By project or hour

Social Media

Looking to establish a more polished Facebook presence for your art or small business? Consistency rules. How about an informative Blog on your website to help inform and attract new clients? I can help at rates you can afford.

Monthly price

Artist & Writer Set

Artist Vision
Artist Mission
Artist Statement

These pieces are useful when your work is published, exhibited in a gallery, and when applying for grants and residencies.

Average Price $120


Editing for content, structure, style and grammar. Recommended for manuscripts that have evolved beyond rough draft stage but prior to submission to agents and publishers.

By project or hour

Manuscript Review

Read through and review of full manuscript following  completion of rough draft. Five-page Big Picture summation. Overall feedback on structure, story, content and readability. Light edit for style, structure and grammar.

Based on book length


Crafting of new 1 page resume. Review of former resumes, interviewing of candidate to glean further, current information. Creation of streamlined, modern piece with focus on new narrative that highlights the big picture of your experience, skills and talents.

Flat Rate of $130

College Essays

Work with candidate to draft essays for specific college applications, or to write more general narrative that can be used for several applications. Crafting of essays that meet requirements and tell an authentic story that makes you stand out from the crowd and pile.

Average $175