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If Not Now, When?

I will be reprising an introductory version of my newest workshop If Not Now, When?
at the Camden Public Library on Tuesday, January 15th and Thursday, January 17th, from 12 Noon to 2 pm.
This progressive, 2-day class is designed to get you to manifest that story you keep saying you want to put on the page. The New Year is just around the corner – time to get your intentions in play!
Call the library to reserve your seat today. Limited to 12 participants.


Writing in the New Year


Are you ready to make the most of the your creativity as we turn the page on 2019?

Please join me for a Writing Workshop that will begin in early January and run for 6-to-8 weeks. We will meet weekly for two hours.

Is it time to breathe life into some characters who have been rambling around in your brain? Or perhaps capture the chapters of your life? Make the most of our introspective season and begin, or expand, your story in a supportive environment.

This class will be a hybrid, as I will include both fiction and non-fiction writers in the group. You will be supported in your writing goals and encouraged to produce new work each week for sharing.

You can expect to receive custom advice for your work, as well as original prompts and exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

All levels of writers, both new and experienced, writing across all genres, are welcome, provided they are motivated and open to a group experience. Feedback will follow an acknowledgement model as opposed  to critique. You will need to adhere to good artistic camaraderie.

Classes will be held in a private setting in Camden, Maine. Please email questions or register at TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com.

I look forward to helping you bring your story to the page!

Teresa Piccari



Engage Your Story




Engage Your Business Story

Your website is state of the art, your brochures are glossy or environmentally conscious, you are adept at every social medium platform. Your staff is in command of the latest technology and you have a slick design team. What’s missing? Having all the bells and whistles won’t be effective without good content.

As our culture becomes more digital intense, your message can get lost. Customers want to know what your company is about. That is why a strong brand identity is crucial. They want to know your story. The human psyche is not wired to remember facts and numbers – we are wired for story.

Good content delivers your brand effectively. It conveys what makes you unique and separates you from the crowd. Story drives business. Reset your content and increase business.

I offer copywriting and editing at reasonable hourly and project rates.


Engage Your Personal and Fictional Stories

Is it time to set your own story on the page as memoir or personal essay? Everyone has a story to tell. Telling your personal story can help you look at the trajectory of your life and make meaning of it. In Memoir & Personal Essay the focus is to generate engaging narrative.

Crafting solid fictional stories requires strong writing resources. My Creative Writing workshop delivers the primary elements of character development, writing natural dialogue, conveying your writing style, experimenting with setting and place, how to plot development in a story and choosing a point of view to tell the story. You will also learn how to hone your senses to add depth and lushness to your writing.

Cultivating an understanding of the Hero’s Journey as envisioned by mythic scholar Joseph Campbell, instructs writers and other artists in the foundation of story and why it is crucial in developing stories that appeal to readers and other audiences.


Engage Your Artistry

I provide individual coaching for writers and other artists.

The objective is to bring you into alignment with your unique creative process, create a vision that embraces your artistic nature, set motivating but attainable goals, and develop a foundation of creative ownership around your skills and talents.


Connect with The Village Scribe today:

Email: TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com

Facebook: TeresaPiccariWriter



On the Way to Coney Island by Mark Nepo


I just love this prose poem On the Way to Coney Island  by Mark Nepo that I stumbled upon  in today’s Huffington Post.

Can’t you just see him as a young boy in that kingdom of a dusty basement with the see through stairs? And the last line just slays me!

Nice little writing prompt tucked into the blog post-don’t miss it!

Excited to share it with my Memoir clients tomorrow at the launch of a new workshop.

I know Nepo as a spiritual writer and am familiar with  The Book of Awakening but did not know him as a poet. Now I do and am glad for it. Guess I have some reading to do.

Hope you enjoy.


Winter 2017 Workshops

Naturbild AB +46 8 411 43 30 info@naturbild.se

Happy 2017 everyone! As we enter the introspective winter season here in Maine – it is the perfect time to delve into our creative natures. To use this quieter time and space to get in touch with what wants to come through us and manifest in the world. I look forward to gathering with you to produce creative content in small and supportive groups. You can expect to be supported in your endeavors amidst groups where a strong foundation of artistic camaraderie is cultivated. ∼ Teresa

Memoir & Personal Essay

In this course we will focus on distilling life moments and experiences that may be fit for the page. Whether you desire to capture key events for family members, or write for public consumption in book or essay form, this  class will help you take the initial steps in realizing your vision.

Putting our life story on paper can take many forms. Today’s memoir is not yesterday’s autobiography or the biographies many of us grew up reading. If you think linear timeline and “chock full of facts” when you think of memoir, this session will expand your perspective. Modern memoir is more deeply layered and textured, richly depicting a life journey, not superficial facts. Often they illustrate a particular life phase or time frame, rather than highlights of an individual’s lifetime.

Personal essays offer a writer space to create a  narrative story from their experiences, writing episodes from their life that have brought them in touch with humanity and their own sense of self. Exploring these happenings on paper, the writer can bear witness to their own evolution and transformation, providing an example to others at the same time.

Each week will feature lecture, custom writing prompts and exercises, work sharing and assignments in a dynamic and inspiring 2-hour session.

Fee $130  6 classes

Creative Writing Toolbox

A five-week workshop where we get back to the basic tools of fiction writing. This workshop is meant for anyone new to the craft, looking to develop tools they will need for the writing journey, as well as experienced writers who need a refresher class and a new perspective.

  • Together, we will explore sensory writing, to add depth and lushness to your work.
  • Learn how to plot a story that keeps readers turning the page to see what happens next.
  • Create characters who are appealing and capable of evoking empathy.
  • Write dialogue that is natural and moves your story forward in a purposeful manner.
  • Play with different settings, or time and place, to discover what will best serve your work.
  • Explore different styles, or elements and techniques, used in storytelling.
  • Consider what point of view, or how your story is relayed to the reader, would be most effective for your particular work.

Each week will feature lecture, custom writing prompts and exercises, work sharing and assignments in a dynamic and inspiring 2-hour session.

Fee $115  5 classes

WWRWTW Study Group

An ongoing group that meets twice monthly to read and discuss the landmark Women Who Run With the Wolves book by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes.

We will explore the Wild Woman archetype, as described and explored by Pinkola-Estes, in stories and myths that celebrate the feminine spirit, soul and intuition. As we read and study, we will share our our own stories, observations and reactions in an effort to embrace our natural instinctual nature as women – to celebrate our creativity, passionate spirit and wisdom.

This longtime NYT bestseller was written over the course of 20 years by a respected mythic scholar, Jungian analyst, poet and traditional Latina cantadora.

$80 per trimester/8 meetings


All workshops are offered on a rotating basis. Once I have a core group of 4 to 5 interested clients, I develop a schedule that works for all and we begin! All classes meet in a private setting in Camden, Maine. To Register please email: TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com

Teresa Piccari is the proprietor of The Village Scribe, which offers copywriting and editing services. She is a professional writer with experience in media, advertising and corporate settings. She has been teaching writing for 20 years. She also provides individual Creativity Coaching/Mentoring for writers and artists.  Teresa is a longtime columnist who enjoys writing about creative process.

The Essence of You


Recently, a friend placed a vintage photo of himself on his social media page. No doubt, it’s him. But it is a smiling and engaged version of him. A him that feels a bit lost at the moment. A version of him that has gotten left behind during the past 20 years of life.

The wonderful thing is, seeing the picture woke him up to his essence. It led him back to his open and eager nature that he knows intimately. The image has become a map of sorts to who he needs to reclaim. Something tells me things will change, for the better, quickly.

At the start of a new Memoir class I usually ask clients to bring a picture that depicts the essence of who they are. An image that captures the je ne sais quoi, or that certain something, that makes them uniquely who they are at their core. Further, the quality or qualities, they understand and know themselves to be. What I call personal essence.

It is a good starting point when writing our story for the page.

By describing what qualities they see in the image, they establish a benchmark, for how they see and think of themselves. It helps me to guide them in portraying that perspective on the page – which sometimes requires excavation.

Like the purity found in plant essences – our personal essence is our intrinsic nature. It is evident from the beginning, throughout and at the end  of our life. Sometimes, it gets covered over as we make our way through life. But it is always there.

A good memoir requires a writer to effectively convey their personal essence. The more successful they are at integrating essence into context and meaning through narrative, and demonstrating how it has played into their life story, the more satisfying a book usually is.