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If Not Now, When?

I will be reprising an introductory version of my newest workshop If Not Now, When?
at the Camden Public Library on Tuesday, January 15th and Thursday, January 17th, from 12 Noon to 2 pm.
This progressive, 2-day class is designed to get you to manifest that story you keep saying you want to put on the page. The New Year is just around the corner – time to get your intentions in play!
Call the library to reserve your seat today. Limited to 12 participants.


April 2018 Radio Schedule


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The snow from recent Nor’ Easters has yielded to the sun and warming temps here in Maine and we begin April with a mostly clear landscape. Can it be the weather gods will smile on us and keep the dreaded mud season at bay? We can only hope- and pray!

Excited about my 21st Century Bohemian radio show schedule this month which kicks off tomorrow,  from 6 pm to 8 pm, with me solo in the studio, spinning some vintage Southern Rock from back in the (hey) day.

Read all about it and more in this Village Soup article!

You can stream my radio show live each week from WRFR.org

Please tune in!








Engage Your Story




Engage Your Business Story

Your website is state of the art, your brochures are glossy or environmentally conscious, you are adept at every social medium platform. Your staff is in command of the latest technology and you have a slick design team. What’s missing? Having all the bells and whistles won’t be effective without good content.

As our culture becomes more digital intense, your message can get lost. Customers want to know what your company is about. That is why a strong brand identity is crucial. They want to know your story. The human psyche is not wired to remember facts and numbers – we are wired for story.

Good content delivers your brand effectively. It conveys what makes you unique and separates you from the crowd. Story drives business. Reset your content and increase business.

I offer copywriting and editing at reasonable hourly and project rates.


Engage Your Personal and Fictional Stories

Is it time to set your own story on the page as memoir or personal essay? Everyone has a story to tell. Telling your personal story can help you look at the trajectory of your life and make meaning of it. In Memoir & Personal Essay the focus is to generate engaging narrative.

Crafting solid fictional stories requires strong writing resources. My Creative Writing workshop delivers the primary elements of character development, writing natural dialogue, conveying your writing style, experimenting with setting and place, how to plot development in a story and choosing a point of view to tell the story. You will also learn how to hone your senses to add depth and lushness to your writing.

Cultivating an understanding of the Hero’s Journey as envisioned by mythic scholar Joseph Campbell, instructs writers and other artists in the foundation of story and why it is crucial in developing stories that appeal to readers and other audiences.


Engage Your Artistry

I provide individual coaching for writers and other artists.

The objective is to bring you into alignment with your unique creative process, create a vision that embraces your artistic nature, set motivating but attainable goals, and develop a foundation of creative ownership around your skills and talents.


Connect with The Village Scribe today:

Email: TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com

Facebook: TeresaPiccariWriter



Writing Workshops Winter 2018


Happy 2018 everyone! Winter in Maine happened fast this year, plunging us into arctic temperatures and the deep introspective season. Why not make creative hay with what nature is offering us? The time and space to open yourself up to the stories, both real and imagined, that yearn to find their place on the page. These workshops are intimate, limited to six participants, so each person is fully seen and heard. This winter, I am taking a different approach to scheduling, honoring the time constraints so many people find themselves in, by offering 1 and 2-day intensives that will immerse you in brief but purposeful creative sessions to cultivate new writing . I hope you will join me in these creative endeavors!  Teresa

Memoir & Personal Essay Intensive

A 2-day intensive (8 hours) creating written tableaus from your life

In this class we distill life experiences and themes for the page through original writing prompts and traditional writing exercises that have been proven to deliver meaningful narrative.

Putting your life story on paper can take many forms. Modern memoir is deeply layered and textured, richly depicting a character arc over time.

We will focus on generating narrative that connects you with your own essence and experience of humanity. Through exploration on paper, the writer can bear witness to their evolution and transformation, and make meaning of their journey.

Personal essays offer the writer an economy of space and words to create short pieces that can powerfully depict your unique experiences and perspectives, and provide a map of sorts for others.

This is a dynamic class that will take you into a deep, but refreshing, dive into your life. You won’t come up or leave empty-handed!

Offered January 27-28, February 10-11, March 10-11  Fee $130/ limited to 6 participants

Creative Writing Toolbox Intensive

A 5-hour workshop focused on the basic tools of fiction writing

This workshop is meant for anyone new to the craft, looking to develop tools they will need for the writing journey, as well as experienced writers who want to refresh their approach and gain a new perspective as they begin a new project.

You will spend 5 hours immersed in creative writing fundamentals, crafting pieces driven by original writing prompts and leave with several pages of new writing.

  • Together, we will explore sensory writing, to add depth and lushness to your work.
  • Create characters who are appealing and capable of evoking empathy.
  • Write dialogue that is natural and moves your story forward in a purposeful manner.
  • Play with different settings, or time and place, to discover what will best serve your work.
  • Explore different styles, or elements and techniques, used in storytelling.

Offered January 20, February 17, March 3   Fee $80/limited to 6 participants

Hero’s Journey Fundamentals

This 1-day, 3-hour class, will feature the elements of the Hero’s Journey as envisioned and extrapolated  by mythic scholar Joseph Campbell. Gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of the Hero’s Journey will help inspire any creative – writers, artists, musicians, photographers and more –  interested in the underlying structure of story.

You will be immersed into the heroic quest through stories, myths and fairy tales, as well as modern feature movies. The stages of journey will be highlighted and you will be introduced to the archetypes, or characters, that heros encounter as they make their way through a story.

This is a seminar-style format designed for group discussion.

Offered Janaury 21, February 18, March 4    Fee $60/limited to 6 participants

WWRWTW Study Group

New Group Launches this Month! An ongoing study group for women that meets twice monthly on Mondays, over 4 months, to read and discuss the landmark Women Who Run with the Wolves book.

We will explore the Wild Woman archetype, as described and explored in stories and myths that celebrate the divine feminine, feminine spirit, soul and intuition. As we read and study, we will share our our own stories, observations and reactions in an effort to embrace our instinctual nature – to celebrate our creativity and honor our passionate spirit and wisdom.

This longtime NYT bestseller was written over the course of 20 years by a respected mythic scholar, Jungian analyst, poet and traditional Latina cantadora.

$100 for 4-month trimester/includes 8 meetings

Winter Coaching/Mentoring Special!

Three (3) sessions for $100. Offered between January and March 2018.

I have worked with writers and other artists for over 20 years. We will work one-on-one to bring you into alignment with your unique creative process, create a vision that embraces your artistic nature, set motivating but attainable goals, and develop a foundation of creative ownership around your skills and talents.

My coaching practice is driven by two decades of working with creatives (in groups and individually), informed by practical and proven tools and excercises, nurtured by diverse healing traditions, inspired by classic quest and story paradigms, rooted in supportive coaching and motivation philosophies, and steeped in techniques honed through Artist Conference Network.


All classes will meet in a private setting in Camden, Maine. To Register please email: TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com

Teresa Piccari is the proprietor of The Village Scribe, which offers professional copywriting and editing services. She is a professional writer with experience in media, advertising and corporate settings. She has been teaching writing for 21 years. She also provides coaching/mentoring for writers and artists.  Teresa is a longtime columnist who enjoys writing about creative process. She hosts and produces The 21st Century Bohemian, (a companion piece to her column of the same name) a weekly radio program on creativity at WRFR 93.3 Rockland/99.3 Camden and streaming globally at WRFR.org.





2 Women Who Run With the Wolves Study Groups Begin September 11


Two new WWRWTW Study Groups launch on Monday, September 11th. The morning group will meet from 10 am to Noon. The evening group will meet from 6 pm to 8 pm. The groups will meet for a trimester, September through December (ending before the Christmas holiday), with between 8 and 10 meetings over the course of  the 4 months, meeting approximately every 2 weeks, or twice monthly.

Last call for any new members who would like to participate! Please register by emailing TheVillageScribe@hotmail.com no later than Friday, September 8th.

We will begin our study by familiarizing ourselves with the style and storytelling methods utilized by author Clarissa Pinkola Estes in this landmark work on the wildish nature of women, demonstrated through the Wild Woman archetype. Crafted over the course of nearly 25 years, this book was a NYT bestseller for 2 years. Released in 1992, this important work could not be more timely, as our culture clamors for and experiences another rising of the feminine divine.

We will work with two of the larger and significant sections of the book – Chapter 12 Marking Territory: The Boundaries of Rage and Forgiveness (features the Crescent Moon Bear story, based on a Japanese tale) and Chapter 14 La Selva Subterranea: Initiation in the Underground Forest (features The Handless Maiden, a Grimm tale).

Depending on time, the group will decide what other work it can undertake in the book.

Each group is limited to 6 women so that members are given ample time to share and voice their perspectives during the meetings. A respectful, supportive and safe space will be provided. We will gather in a private setting in Camden, Maine for 2 hours per session. Members are asked to commit to the 4 months from the outset, so that the group may be viable.


Release Fear & Accept Abundance

LakshmiGoddessCar(Source: Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, Hay House Publishing)

The benevolent Hindu goddess Lakshmi is all about releasing any fears and accepting the abundance that is flowing to us. In this image, she is surrounded by water, elephants, the sun and lotus flowers – all powerful symbols of the goodness the universe wants to shower on us.

The coming total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st coupled with a new moon, are bringing intense energies, meant to help us purge darkness and break through to the light. She invites us to cleanse our hearts of fears around lack and to envision the abundance we want to invite into our lives during this powerful day. We can draw on her energy to help support us as we step into a brighter future.

As the sun and the moon engage in an unusual dance in the sky today, the energies require a balancing of the masculine and feminine within us humans so we can open our hearts and express our creative natures to take advantage of the Leo aspects of this eclipse.

Lakshmi works with Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god who is known to remove obstacles from our path, working with our own intentions and wishes. The raised trunks of the elephants are a sign of good luck, fortune and optimism.

Spend some time leading up to Monday’s new moon and eclipse in meditation, chant, prayer and visualizing the goodness you are ready to embrace in your life as you release any fears around lack. See obstacles melting away and visualize the goodness you want to manifest, as your heart expands. Begin a new chapter in your own life, and with all humanity as we shift into a more positive way of being and living.


Copper Pots


Of all the things

that could have been

In the attic

now belonging to my mother

It was only hers now

having just buried my father

Venturing alone–

Through the trap door in the ceiling

Ascending a ladder

Into the upper world

Where dad now resided

I passed things down

to my waiting sister

An antique typewriter

carefully chosen

having it cleaned and repaired

A writer’s perfect gift

Crossing a new threshold

A wound so fresh

it had not yet found me

Standing in the accumulated past

of a family

without anchor

I am in the attic

My sister on the ladder stairs

Our mother on the sofa within earshot

My dog, new to this family

Jumping up on the bed

to meet my dying father

The white-robed black priest

who came to deliver

last rites

Wishing her panicked barks

were enough

to scare him away

That perhaps it was all a

very fortunate mistake

a premature call

We sorted,

mostly without words

unsure of this new language

that made a widow

two fatherless daughters

Unable to comfort one another

Unearthing ugly brown

Ceramic pigs

Our first piggy banks

that meant the world

to us

Sparkly doodads that illuminated

so many Christmases

If I could just uncover

the copper pots

How does a whole set

Once pirouetting

from a circular copper rack

go missing

from their high-wire act?

These would be the treasure

I would carry back

through the threshold

Gleaming talismans

Holding the secrets and stories

Of so many shared meals

In the end

we left two items

A round coffee table

missing its center glass

An antenna so vast

a great prehistoric insect

whose mere presence in that space

defied logic

too big to exist

Confounding us

just like our larger than life father

slipping the earth’s axis

                                                            -Teresa Piccari
                                                            April 2016