What They Said…


(commonly known as client testimonials)

I hired Teresa as a freelance copywriter to work on SEO-optimized blog articles for a client of mine. She did a great job working the keywords into the content and responded quickly to feedback, with the ability to deliver on exactly what I needed. It was great to work with her!

Hilary Young – Owner, Content & Branding Consultant
Hilary Young Creative

I have had the pleasure of taking classes with Teresa Piccari, and of using her as a coach for marketing my book. Her love and knowledge of the creative arts, and her ability to nurture the creative spirit shine through it all. For both the classes and the coaching, it was clear she had done her homework before the meetings occurred. She also excels at generating ideas on the fly based on discussion in classes and coaching. Teresa follows up after meetings to ensure what was taught is taking root. She is accommodating and responsive in working with students and clients, a role model of creative accomplishment, and radiates a contagious enthusiasm for manifesting creative dreams. I highly recommend her classes and coaching!

Gin Mackey – Author of Suddenly Spying and Disappear Our Dead

I definitely came out of Teresa Piccari’s workshop smarter and wiser about writing and myself as a writer than when I went in. She’s a master of motivation who genuinely believes there’s a writer in everyone and knows how to help you find the one in yourself. I’d had a long career in commercial writing but didn’t know if I could write a memoir. By the end of the workshop, I had the first chapter of my story and the start of a whole new relationship to writing.

Claudia Ansorge, Cushing, Maine & Woodstock, NY

I have taken several workshops/courses from Teresa and have truly enjoyed them. Teresa had guided me to open up and let my creativity come alive on paper. Being a novice at writing, she has given me the courage to submit my work to magazines and newspapers, which has been a rewarding experience.  Thank you Teresa for your guidance and belief in me to write my memoir and stories.

Roe Chiacchio – Owner, ONWARD Cardiovascular Health and Wellness


Teresa Piccari has conducted many successful writing sessions here at the Camden Public Library over the past ten years. She has consistently hosted an engaged audience with a wide diversity of topics and approaches to writing.

Ken Gross – Assistant Director, Camden Public Library

I think one of Teresa’s greatest strengths is that she seeks to find creative approaches to writing challenges. I learned this about her during her creativity and writing workshops where she frequently suggested that we come at a writing assignment from different point of view; one that would challenge us as writers. Tips like this are especially helpful for writers who are relatively new to writing for publication.

In addition, Teresa has a keen eye for copy editing. She helped me edit a large section of a book that I’m working on. Knowing that I was beginning to panic because a deadline was approaching, Teresa came to my house and sat next to me at the computer as we worked line by line through chapters of the manuscript. How many copy editors do you know who make house calls? Teresa is the kind of person who will listen to your writing struggles and help you design a way through them so that you will end up with a publishable piece of writing.

                      – Cathy Lickteig, Magazine and Newspaper writer

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